1. Go to ordermethis.com or from the website follow the link – Order Online on top right of the home page.1
  2. Enter CAM under Distributor ID.
  3. Enter your four digit customer number assigned by us. You can find yours on your invoice from CAM Trading Inc next to your business name.
  4. We have assigned password to every account – of you don’t know, please call us and we will give your password.
  5. Once loged in you will see the following screen:2
  6. From the top left drop down list select the category or search for the product directly.
  7. Order the quantity as shown below and click Add item to order before proceeding to the next place. Remember you must click “Add item to order” before you progress to the next page to save the order.3
  8. For special instructions or item that you cannot find you can leave us message by clicking “Add message.
  9. Once finished just press submit order and you are done!!!